What is Offload?

If you’re an experienced developer you probably have RFQs and inquiries filing your inbox daily, offering you more work than you can handle. For the good projects you hit up your contact list to see if anyone wants to take it on only to find all the other talented devs you know are busy too, so you have to reply to your client and tell them you can’t help them. This sucks for the client and for you: the client doesn’t receive the help they need and you gain nothing from the missed opportunity. This is where Offload helps—and pays you in the process.

How does it work?

Let's say you’re contacted about a project that sounds awesome but that you don't have the time for. You can create a new gig on Offload describing what it is and your fellow Offload users—other talented developers like you—can view it, ask you questions about it or express their interest. Once some developers have expressed interest you can review the candidates and offer the gig to the one of your choice, while receiving a small cut of the project’s profits.

Why should I use Offload for my referrals?

Too often when you pass on a referral you don’t hear back about it. This can be damaging to your client relationships: if the project doesn’t go well and you never hear about it, can’t take steps to improve the situation. Offload fixes this problem.

Once you award a gig to another developer a private project page is created to track its progress. On the project page there’s a timeline of activity including when the client was contacted, when the project was started, any issues that have arisen, and so forth. This lets you keep an eye on the project without being invasive and to reach out to your client if you see things stalling, ensuring that the client is taken care of.

So how do I get paid?

Once a project is marked as complete, the awarded user enters the final invoiced amount and pays a commission of 10%. 3% of that goes to Offload to help keep the lights on and 7% goes straight to you.

With Offload your client is taken care of, another talented developer gets a great project, and you reap the rewards for your referral. Everyone is happy!

Awesome! Let me in!

Not so fast: to ensure the talent level of Offload users remains high we’re invite-only for now. You'll need to be invited by another developer who trusts yours skills. Inviting other users should be taken seriously, because if we ever suspect something dodgy is going on, both the user and the person who invited them will be on the hook until it’s resolved.

Since everyone on Offload has been vouched for by other users, you can be confident that the person taking on the gig will treat your client properly—and you can hold them accountable when it comes to paying the referral fee.

Put all those inquiries and RFQs in your mailbox to work for you. Offload it and profit!