About Offload What's the deal?

Offload is an invite only marketplace for stellar people to sell their quality products to buyers who give a damn about value.

You see, we actually give a shit about helping you to sell your products. We're not some massive marketplace where anyone and their dog can list a product and dilute the other offerings. The internet doesn't need another "Dollar Store-esq" marketplace, there's enough of them already, on every street corner peddling cheap goods.

You don't sell your products on the street corner in real life, why should selling online be any different?

Unlike other marketplaces you do not have to get into a race to the bottom price wise to compete for sales. With Offload you sell your goods at a price that is fair with no race to the bottom. You're not going to find yourself competing with a plethora of authors undercutting each other with cheap crap.

Let's talk fees for a second, something we're very serious about. The other marketplaces take a cut of your sale, they claim that it's better for you as you only pay when you make a successful sale.

That's bullshit. Each time your awesome product sells your charged more more in fees on that sale than the entire purchase price of someone else’s cheap crap. As they take a cut of the transaction they receive more from you because your product is worth more and have not done anything more on their part to add value to your sale than they did with a $5 product. Yet they give as much exposure to the cheap stuff as they do to your quality product! Even though you pay loads more in fees!

So you pay more for the privilege of competing for each sale against cheap crap in their marketplace. They are penalizing you for being great. In addition to that, they take that huge cut off every sale, so if you make any reasonable amount of sales you'll end up paying the GDP of a small nation in fees.

Right, totally better for you them...

We charge a flat fee per month to list your products and if you feel that you didn't get any value from Offload, hit the "Refund" button and the refund is immediately processed via Stripe.

Does it email us to try to convince you to stay? Nope.
Does it stage the refund to have us manually process it weeks later. Nope.
Does it really process it right away? Yep. When you push the button it's processed immediately via Stripe's API without any input from anyone. No bullshit.

We want to help you sell and get value from Offload, if it doesn’t do that we don't want your money.

We're tired of authors selling to and supporting 1000s of users because some marketplace decided that they should sell a product at far less than a fair price only to struggle just to feed their family. We want you to succeed and enjoy life, not struggle.

When you list a product on Offload, you choose where and how the buyers purchases the item. Clicking "Buy Now" on your product page takes the buyer to a place you determine.

How you handle the purchase flow is up to you, you know how best to sell your product so we get out of the way and let you do that.

We're tired of shitty marketplaces! So we're going to do something about it.

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